Release Date: 10th of October 2010

Artist: AGF (Antye Greie)

Title: Filter - AGF Producktion 2010 Re-issues

Format: Digital

Label: AGF Producktion 013

Label Code: AGF Producktion 013

Distribution by Morr Music Disrtibution


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File under: Electronic


1. Danger 2010

2. White Nights

3. Pianos 2010

4. C-Horizon (Post China Mix)

5. Mofa (Magic AGF Remake 2010)

6. Everybody Is A Disaster 2010

7. So Loud (Instrumental Mix)

8. Radio War

9. Sooth (2010 Hum Mix)

Dear Readership,

In 2010 I (AGF) have released my 20th long player called Baustelle in collaboration with Gudrun Gut (Greie Gut Fraktion). 

All 20 records I wrote, co -wrote, performed, produced and sometimes mastered myself. This is A) a reason to celebrate and b) a realization, I have written a lot of material! 

2010 is also the year I found a new distributer in Morr Music Distribution. To mark all this and emphasize some of the best audio I made… here are the 2010 AGF Producktion Re-issues! Break an ear!


For quite some years I have been inspired by beats from all over the world as well as Hip Hop and the production side of it. After reading RZA's Book The Tao of Wu, I decided to release a producer type of record, from a producer point of few, not necessarily from an artist point of view. This is also the reason, why I will not call this a regular album or solo record. The common denominator of the compilation-a-like release is some interesting angle to release a certain track with a new outlook or insight.

For very different reasons I chose the following songs to be included in my 2010 remakes which could be an AGF Best Of album or an overview of my work as a producer.

1. Danger 2010 … In 2003 I collaborated with Sasu Ripatti on his second Luomo album The Present Lover and rattled some dangerous talk on one track. During a dark night I managed to steal the original vocal recordings including his vocal edit of my voice from his hard drives and I was able to remake the track. I enjoyed the process of different rhythms for my words. Also experimenting with dissonant melodies, wondering if they would reach memorable status. 

2. White Nights was formerly released on Words Are missing (2008) called Where The White Animals Meet and was reworked for the film score for Content (Christopher Petit). I like that rework a lot and also I had missed a credit to Katia Zavoloka in the earlier version which had accidentally used material we had produced together. To make this right as well as bring this more airy version to my listeners.

I want to let the ones who don't know, know, that white animals meet during white nights and sing together.They sing songs in different shades of grey.

3. Pianos 2010 was original released in 2002 on a Mille Plateaux Compilation called Clicks & Cuts 3. It turned out, to this day, people write me emails from all over the world. Recently some students in California made a complex 3D animation video based on it and I hear enthusiastic replies from Mexico to Russia, asking me to send the lyrics (I know my accent!!!). Since the label does not exist anymore, I felt, maybe I can add a notion to the track, I was not able to do back then. 

I also recall a white label remix which cut me into pieces and made me sound like a porn star on techno. When I wrote the label who had released it back then, I would like to have one copy, they never replied nor send me anything. How rude, who would do something like this ??

One more thought on this, in 2002 I (most likely) was the only female producer releasing on a label such as Mille Plateaux. Is human race progressing ?

I feel like a desert (don't mix up with dessert) :)

4. C- Horizon is a track about my desire to travel to China. It was written in Paris in a chinese restaurant and released on Westernization Completed in 2002 on Orthlorng Musork. I will love Sue Costabile and Joshua Kit Clayton for the rest of my life and I owe them pretty much everything, when back then nobody wanted to release my work. I had made an instrumental version of the track for a live concert once and I kept the file and got to like it a lot. I add some new sounds and tiny changes and release this now after seeing China and my dream became a fascinating reality.

Orthlorng Musork:

5. Mofa is a Laub tune released on Filesharing (2001) on Kitty-yo. This track is certainly one of the nicest pop tracks I wrote. I enjoyed to rerecord the vocals in one take onto a live processed file I had made in Radial (Max/Msp based software) quickly after breakfast. I do enjoy instant composing in software more and more. As Laub, me and Jotka are still thinking what else we can contribute to the sound world of this time and we will probably be back in 2012 or 2020. 

Until then escape with me again. 

Original Mofa lyrics:

Original Song on found (fan) video on Youtube:

6. Everybody Is A Disaster, is a deep felt song line I wrote and have been singing since in all my live concerts. I had to rewrite the track (the original is on Mini Movies 2006 Asphodel) for the movie Content i "scored" last year :) Since Asphodel owns (in theory) the rights,,,, i felt the new version was fun. Not to serious.

7. So Loud (Instrumental Mix) is a remake of a Quio track (which also featured a chorus by Nicolette) on her 2007 PHIU. I felt it was one of the most original Quio (which performs a powerful rap) tracks I had written and my child likes to dance to it.

8. Radio War was straight commissioned from Christopher Petit for his movie Content. I hasn't been released, so what a chance to this this now and recommend the movie.

and last but not least

9. Sooth formerly known as From Morning On, a beautiful ballad by Sasu Ripatti and I in our 2005 collaboration Explode (artist name: AGF/ DELAY). I had reworked this track too for the movie score earlier mentioned. The words are derived from a poem by Arseniy Tarkowski (father of Andrey Tarkowski).

From morning on I waited, 

yesterday, it was raining 

and somehow late, 

words can not soothe or be wiped away


Yours, Poetess

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